Aztlan:Rise of the Shaman


Platforms with Aztec mythology


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Aztlan: Rise of the Shaman is a 2D platform game in which players control a young Aztec man who must escape a sacred temple which is falling down. Fortunately, he has several skills and special abilities with which to achieve his goal.

The first of these abilities is, of course, jumping, fundamental for any note-worthy platform game. You'll have to move from platform to platform while being very careful not to fall into the lava or be swept away by a gust of wind or a fireball. Plus, you'll need to elude some of your enemies and dodge traps.

The second special skill boasted by your character is the ability to launch balls of energy with which you can kill some of your enemies. These balls, albeit limited, do regenerate themselves, so you’ll be able to use them without fear most of the time.

The last special skill lets you grab block from the scene and put them in other places...or break walls. Plus, you can also protect yourself from some of the traps by using these blocks.

Aztlan: Rise of the Shaman is a 2D platform game that boasts great graphics and fun gameplay. It's not very long, but it does fortunately come with several levels of difficulty.
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